Creditors Administrator – Cape Town

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Job Details

  • Compulsory 5 years’ working experience on Pastel
  • 3 + Years’ experience in a similar role
    – Processing of Supplier Invoices
    – Ensuring that the invoice is a valid tax invoice and compliant with the SARS requirements
    – Ensuring that the invoice is addressed correctly
  • – Ensuring that supplier invoices correlate to the relevant purchase order (PO)
    – Processing the supplier invoice to the PO on the accounting system by the 5th of the following month once the stock or service has been confirmed by the Asset Management Department or the service has been rendered and approved by the relevant departments
    – Ensuring that the corresponding customer invoice has been generated accordingly
    – Ensuring that VAT is accounted for correctly for items that are claimable and those that are not
    – Requesting the invoice from the supplier should this not be received or only the delivery note provided
    – Cash Book Processing
    – Processing of all relevant payments and debit orders through the cash book
    – Ensuring accuracy and validity of information by allocating to the correct expense accounts in the financial statements
    – Ensuring the accurate processing of VAT on expense payments in accordance to SARS legislative requirements
    – Handling of all general banking queries when required
    – Supplier Payments & Service Payments
    – Preparation of all daily invoices due for payment in accordance to the due dates as specified on the invoices
    – Service invoices must be requested from the suppliers if not received timeously
    – These daily payments include, but are not limited to, rental, electricity and water, telephone costs, staff training, catering, staff functions, accommodations etc.
    – Resolving all daily payment queries and any internal queries that pertain to daily payments
    – Ensuring that the invoice is a valid tax invoice and compliant with the SARS requirements
    – Recons must be provided for each payments and will include a statement, unless it is a once off vendor
    – Preparation of all supplier invoices due for payment by the 20th of the following month in accordance to the relevant credit terms
    – Paperwork must include the supplier invoices, PO’s and corresponding customer invoices, which will all reflect on the remittance advice and payment requisition
    – Monthly reconciliation of the payment to the supplier statement with reasons for any variances
    – Statements must be requested from suppliers if not received and subsequent outstanding invoices must be requested to ensure that expenses for goods and services are accounted for in the correct period
    – Allocation of all payments made through the cash book into the suppliers age analysis account
    – Electronic supplier recons in excel to be provided with all payments
    – All payments, irrelevant of type, must be a part of the excel recons and accounted for in the creditors age analysis (fixed monthly payments, debit orders and other)
    – Ensuring that recons are correct before submitting them through for payment
    – The warehousing accounts are to be cleared off to the inventory adjustment account by means of a journal entry
    – A report of all unprocessed PO’s for the last 2 months is to be printed off the accounting system monthly and reviewed
    – Totals per month are to be calculated and processed as a cost of sales accrual journal after the required approvals have been provided by the Financial Controller.
    – A cost of sales listing is to be provided to the Financial Controller by the 6th of the following month to the Financial Controller before any and all processing is finalized
    – This listing is to be sent to the Asset Management Department including the Divisional Head Logistics, Divisional Head Finance and Financial Controller for follow up on any PO’s not processed on a monthly basis and followed up with them on a weekly basis.
    – Ensuring that all internal procedures are adhered to in accordance with the Finance Policy
    – Ensuring that the remittance advice are distributed to the vendors timeously and attached to the invoices and other supporting documentation
    – Maintaining accurate records by ensuring that all documentation is filed away in an orderly manner diligently on a weekly and monthly basis after payments are effected
    – Assistance with all required documentation and queries in the annual audit
    – Ensuring that all supplier details are always current. Should there be a change in the detail, you will need to request official confirmation. Should there be a change in the bank details, a bank stamped letter or cancelled cheque must be provided. The details must be handed to the TL: Financial Admin & Financial Controller for updating.
    – Adherence to all company policies and procedures
  • Salary:  R15 000

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