Professional Fee Schedule

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Professional Fee Schedule



  • The gross annual income includes fringe benefits such as bonuses, 13th cheques and housing and vehicle allowances.
  • Our fees are payable within 14 days of the date of appointment and will also apply should you appoint a FOKUS applicant within one year after having received the relevant CV.  2 % interest per month will be charged on overdue accounts.
  • A fee based on a realistic income potential will be agreed upon where candidates are remunerated on a commission basis only.


A fee of 30% of the applicant’s gross income for the period of employment will apply.
In the event of a temporary assignee of FOKUS PERSONNEL being offered and accepting a permanent position, the client will be charged 10 % of the permanent employee’s annual salary.


FOKUS PERSONNEL’S guarantee is subject to payment of the fee within 14 days of date of commencement.  Should the applicant resign or be discharged within the prescribed guarantee period due to incompetency or to reasons which can be attributed to inefficient selection, FOKUS PERSONNEL will provide the following guarantee:

  • Provision of a suitable replacement at no extra charge.  FOKUS requires a period of one week to provide a replacement.
  • Pro-rata credit of your account in accordance with the candidate’s period of employment. The credit will be determined as follows:
    • First month       –  50% of the fee paid
    • Second month  –  30% of the fee paid
  • Our office must be given written notice within 14 days of an applicant’s resignation or discharge, including the reasons for dismissal.  Our guarantee will then be of immediate effect.
    We accept abovementioned conditions and if this document is signed in a representative capacity the undersigned guarantees his/her authorization to act on behalf of the busines.

Provision of a suitable replacement at no extra cost.  Please note that we require a minimum period of one week to provide a suitable replacement or
Pro Rata credit of your account relative to the employee’s period of employment.

Please note:  A written notice stating the reasons for resignation or discharge of an employee must be supplied before our guarantee will take effect.

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