Why Use Fokus?

July 19, 2016 0Services

Why Use Fokus?

Your company has a vacancy:


  • Advertise
  • Recruit
  • Interview
  • Do reference checks
  • Verify testimonials
  • Evaluate
  • Select
  • Guarantee
  • Provide extensive CV’s
  • Conduct psychometric testing when required
  • Do credit checks on request
  • Criminal Checks
  • Arrange interviews
  • Pay and administer all statutory benefits of Temporary Staff
  • Charge nominal fees
  • Follow up on client satisfaction

Guarantee – Permanent Staff

FOKUS PERSONNEL’S guarantee is subject to payment of the fee within 14 days of date of appointment.  Should the employee resign or be discharged within the prescribed guarantee period due to incompetence or to reasons which can be attributed to inefficient selection, FOKUS PERSONNEL will provide the following guarantee:

  • Provision of a suitable replacement at no extra cost.  FOKUS requires a minimum period of one week to provide a suitable replacement; ór
  • Pro-rata credit of your account relative to the employee’s period of employment.

    The credit will be determined as follows:
    First month – 50% of the fee paid
    Second month – 30% of the fee paid

  • Written notice within 14 days of an employee’s resignation or discharge, including reasons, must be given.  Our guarantee will then be of immediate effect.

Temporary Appointments
We invoice every second week after confirmation of the amount of hours worked.  Should the employee’s performance not meet the client’s job description requirements, FOKUS PERSONNEL will provide a replacement at no extra cost.  FOKUS must be notified within 5 hours of the employee’s commencement.

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